Dirt Haul Between Oakdale Elementary and Sunset Hills Elementary

 - Crews began moving soil from Oakdale to Sunset Hills September 26, a move that saved approximately $250,000 and last for one month.  This was necessary to lower the ground level of the Oakdale site by an estimated 5 feet.  Coincidentally, Sunset Hills needs the same amount of dirt being removed from Oakdale.  

Tree Removal At Oakdale Elementary School

- The design plan for Oakdale includes significantly lowering the building pad to align with the current elevation of Center Street. This requires removing several thousand cubic yards of soil from the site. Our plan is to keep as many established trees as possible at the perimeter of the site. However, due to the extensive grading, we cannot save all of the trees on the site. The new landscape plans for the site call for adding many more trees than are currently on the site.


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