Summer Updates for Sunset Hills


The following is a message from Michelle Patterson, Principal of Sunset Hills Elementary.


Dear Sunset Hills Neighborhood:

This summer will bring many changes for the existing school and surrounding land.  Below are a few of the highlights.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the summer.  As of right now, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug. 8th.  More details will be coming.

- Ms. Michelle Patterson, Principal, Sunset Hills

  • The school lot will be fenced off, starting on Friday afternoon.  That means no access to the playground until the fence comes down. Also, parking at the pool will be limited this summer.  
  • The building is scheduled to be demolished by June 11th.  Between tomorrow and the demolition, you will see an increase in construction traffic.  Please help your children make safe choices by staying an appropriate distance away from the demolition site.
  • There will be a pile of memento bricks, for public taking, from June 13th-18th.  
  • The Sunset Hills monument will be sandblasted, repainted and moved to the new building.
  • The cornerstone of the original building will be saved.  Placement in the new building is yet to be determined.
  • As items arise this summer, I will communicate with you!