Swanson Designs Unveiled

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Swanson Designs Unveiled


Thursday, architects presented artist renderings for their vision of the new Swanson Elementary School.


Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, Project Advocates, and Westside Community Schools hosted a Community Information Session to update families and neighbors on the vision for their new school. The current Swanson, 35,000 square feet in size, will be razed in the spring of 2018 to make way for a planned 52,000 square feet school at the same location near 86th and Harney.

For months, a Design Advisory Committee including teachers, parents and neighbors has worked with architects to brainstorm and plan for the best possible facility. The resulting concept connects innovation in harmony with natural surroundings, suiting the needs of an evolving school district and a beautiful neighborhood and one-of-a-kind natural setting.


Features for the new school include:

  • A parking lot that follows the natural topography of the area, masked by natural, green surroundings.
  • Sidewalks that will accommodate students and neighborhood walkers, minimizing how many streets students will have to cross to reach school.
  • A deep entry with a covered porch, allowing students to wait outside
  • A mix of warm wood and clean white aesthetics, including the use of glass throughout the building to connect students to the arboretum and allow for natural light.
  • A secured entry system with several points of clearance.
  • Separate media center, and cafeteria/community area.
  • Large, picture windows in all classrooms.
  • New areas of refuge.
  • New levels of energy efficiency; even though this new building will nearly double Swanson’s square footage, the District will likely save money on utility costs due to energy savings.


Students are scheduled to move to the Swing School at 108th & Grover  in January 2018. Crews will begin demolition of the old Swanson Elementary in Spring of 2018; the school is slated to open for students in the Fall of 2019.