Construction Moving Ahead, Oakdale Demo Gets Visible

Signs of progress are everywhere at the Westside schools undergoing construction this summer. Demolition got more visible last week at Oakdale, with a backhoe  taking down much of the old part of the building. Elements of the old building are being salvaged for the new building, but the field brick is not salvageable. Meantime, work continues to finish classrooms at the Westside Community Conference Center, which will serve as the Oakdale Swing School. An Oakdale sign is up, playgrounds are going in and the Westside Room is getting a makeover.  The new area of refuge/portable classroom has been installed at Loveland and work continues to finish the interior. Metal framing is in place inside the main building for the new, more secure entrance. Work also continues to update safety and security infrastructure at the five other schools receiving high-priority upgrades, which are slated to be completed before the start of the school year. Crews are swapping out several classrooms to reconfigure front entryways and offices at Westbrook and Rockbrook, which will see the most extensive changes. Hillside, Paddock Road and Westgate also are getting updates. Renovations and preparation for an addition at Westside Middle School also continue. Thanks to Westside patrons for your support!


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