Originally, the Board discussed a $94.8 million dollar bond issue. Why has this amount changed?

The District Administration and Board of Education has spent a great deal of time listening to community members regarding the proposed bond issue. The amount is based on the cost of addressing the immediate physical needs of the buildings and implementing a sequencing plan whereby all of the elementary school buildings and the middle school are either completely renovated or replaced. The $79.9 million represents the reasonable scope of work that can be efficiently and effectively implemented in the next 5-7 years.

Who decided on this dollar amount?

A Facilities Task Force, consisting of parents, community members, business leaders, teachers, administrators, and a retired employee, met throughout the first semester to review the facilities needs and to discuss the bond amount. The group also toured new and renovated schools in other school districts, and toured several Westside schools. The Facilities Task Force members provided their input about the physical and functional needs for the 15-year Facilities Master Plan. After numerous community meetings and discussions with stakeholders, the Westside Administration then worked with the Westside Board of Education to determine a final bond amount and renovation sequence

How will the bond funds be spent?

The bonds will be spent on physical and functional building needs at all 10 of the elementary school buildings, Westside Middle School, and other district buildings.

Functional needs include improving ADA accessibility, establishing secure entrances, and updating severe weather shelters.

Physical needs include the replacement of some buildings, and updating building systems, such as heating/cooling systems, plumbing, electrical systems, roofing, windows, and repair/replacement the exterior building envelope.