Why weren’t these renovations handled years ago?

With spending and revenue limits, previous administrations chose to direct spending to academic programming. While District building engineers have done a great job maintaining and extending the life of our physical infrastructure throughout the years, many of these systems must now be replaced.

What’s the order or renovations, specifically those buildings scheduled for replacement?

The District will replace Oakdale and Sunset Hills Elementary first. Swanson Elementary will be the third elementary school scheduled for replacement. Prairie Lane Elementary will be the final elementary building scheduled for significant renovation. Prairie Lane students will be relocated while that building is undergoing renovation. For a complete list of building projects and a proposed timeline, go to “The Bond” tab on www.imagineadistrict.org.

What will the new elementary buildings look like?

The District has not yet spent any funds to design any of the renovations or new buildings. Those plans will be designed with community, school, and District input if voters approve the bond issue.