What will happen to students if they attend a school that will be replaced or rebuilt?

Oakdale, Swanson, and Prairie Lane students will attend a temporary elementary swing school located in the upper level of the Westside Community Conference Center, 3534 S. 108 Street, while the school is being constructed. The elementary swing school, now occupied by Oakdale elementary, has many of the amenities students will enjoy when they move into their new permanent buildings, including a secure entrance vestibule and separate spaces for gym and cafeteria.

Will my elementary students be attending the same school as West Campus students?

Westside High School Career Center students will attend classes in the same building as the elementary students, but they will occupy separate levels with controlled access points. The high school students will have their own entrance and parking lot located on the northwest corner of the building’s lower level. The elementary students will use the main entrance on the upper level.