How will we handle overcrowding issues at Westside Middle School?

During the past few years, in anticipation of higher in-District growth, Westside has been more conservative in accepting open enrollment students. Westside is currently using data to determine its space availability each year and is committed to this forward-looking process to keep Westside Middle School and Westside High School populations sized correctly and consistently.

Why do we take open enrollment students?

We are legally required to accept students from the Learning Community if our classrooms are not at capacity. Westside has accepted open/option enrollment students for several decades. One-third of District students currently come from other districts. This has allowed our district to maintain an optimal student enrollment, and has provided about $15 million in revenue per year to our general fund budget. Students from other districts also enhance the diversity of our student population, which we welcome. Open/option enrollment students have kept the stability in our overall student population, allowed our neighborhood schools to remain open, and provided for a greater number and wider variety of course offerings at Westside High School. Without these students, Westside Community Schools would look very different.