NEW: Preview of Swanson Elementary

The Design Advisory Committee for Swanson Elementary met on Monday, May 7, to see an updated presentation from project leaders and architects about the new school, scheduled to open to students in the Fall of 2019.

The mission of Westside Community Schools and the Bond Oversight Committee has been to fulfill a promise to our stakeholders: to complete this $79.9 million dollar Major Facilities Plan on time and on budget. With each project, our team of contractors, led by Project Advocates, works diligently with the architects and construction companies to ensure an “on budget” project.

At Swanson Elementary, the team is currently completing the final steps in the design process to ensure that design documents align with: the established budget; city code requirements; safety/security recommendations; and current construction market factors. As the project team works through each of these points, they are constantly referring back to suggestions and requests made by the Design Advisory Committee (DAC). At this time, no substantive changes have been made to the design; the building is consistent with the Design Development drawings shared with the public, and reflective of the functional and aesthetic aspirations expressed by Swanson stakeholders.

Key notes:

– At the conclusion of the design development phase, construction of a new Swanson Elementary School was estimated just over $12 million dollars, more than $1 million higher than the approved $11.1 million budget.

– Teacher/Learner satisfaction and Functionality have been the two, clear aspirations of architects and project leaders, as stressed by the Design Advisory Committee.

– Project leaders continue to align the project goals with the established budget.

CLICK HERE to view the presentation from Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture.