Construction Updates: May 2018

May 14, the Board of Education approved TACKArchitects as the architectural firm to design the extensive remodel with additions planned for Prairie Lane Elementary. TACK, Project Advocates and district leaders also met with Prairie Lane staff this month to gather feedback on the current building and what they would like in the future. Design Advisory Committee members have been invited to participate in planning; preliminary meetings will begin this summer and collaboration will begin in the fall. Click here to view the contract for TACKArchitects on the Prairie Lane project.


May 14-15, staff members moved what they could into the new Sunset Hills Elementary. Once the school year concludes, staff will move in the remainder of their belongings on May 29. Crews are currently putting in new sidewalks around the Sunset Hills pool, which will be ready for the public on May 26. We will host a Ribbon Cutting and Open House at the new Sunset Hills Elementary on Wednesday August 8th! The event will be open to the public to view this beautiful new school before students and families attend the Sunset Hills Sneak-A-Peek and Back To School Picnic on August 9th, and start class on August 14th. The project is on time and on budget.


Swanson FEature

The Design Advisory Committee met with Alley Poyner Macchietto architects, Project Advocates and district leaders earlier this month for an updated presentation about the new Swanson Elementary! CLICK HERE for new images and details!

Swanson Construction

Mass grading at the site continues, and crews have started footings and foundations. The new school is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2019.


Photo courtesy Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands

Photo courtesy Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands

Westbrook staff and students, District leaders, Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands and several other community partners celebrated the official groundbreaking of the new Westside Boys & Girls Club Honoring the Hawkins Family on May 8th. Construction of the new facility will begin May 29th, a project funded by the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands. The club is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2019.

Construction crews will restart work as soon as the school year concludes, finishing all renovations this summer.

Work will soon be underway to expand the Welding Lab/Engineering Tech Space at Westside High School, as well as the Little Theater! Construction is expected to begin this summer, made possible thanks to the generosity and support of the Westside Foundation!

Congratulations to Ann Christiansen and Kris Brown, appointed to additional 2-year terms with the Bond Oversight Committee. We are grateful to all BOC members for their time and commitment to Westside’s 2015 Major Facilities Plan!


Construction Updates: April 2018

TACKArchitects has been hired as the architectural firm to design the extensive remodel with additions planned for Prairie Lane Elementary. The project is estimated to cost $10.8 million; work will begin in the summer of 2019 once Swanson Elementary is complete.

Our One Last Look Open House at Sunset Hills was a success! Alumni, past teachers and community members enjoyed touring the school for one final time on March 31. CLICK HERE for photos, thanks to Doug Wynne!

Months ago, we accelerated our construction plan at Sunset Hills to move students and staff into the new building on May 16. Based on the fast, initial construction process, the project team thought by moving up that completion date, they could begin the process of decommissioning and demolition of the original Sunset Hills by late May. Teams have since reverted back to our original plan to move in staff and students in August at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. There will be no school at Sunset Hills May 14-15, but Sunset Hills staff members will be using this time to move what they can. They and students will finish the school year at the original Sunset Hills.

Demolition is complete and New Era Construction has begun mass grading the foundation at the site of the future Swanson Elementary! The Design Advisory Committee is set to meet with project leaders and architects on Monday, May 7, to discuss design updates ensuring the project stays on time and on budget, while following the set vision and plan of community members and families. Students will continue attending class at the Swing School through May of 2019; Swanson Elementary will open in the Fall of 2019.

Thanks to our community’s amazing generosity, we are proud to announce Westside’s newest project has a name: The Hawkins Family Westside Boys & Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, in partnership with Westside Community Schools, will begin construction at the Westbrook Elementary club this summer, a project funded by the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands. Please join us for a special groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, May 8, featuring Westbrook students who are also club members!

Crews will complete final work at Westside Middle School this summer.

Construction Updates: February 2018

Oakdale Elementary is officially complete! This beautiful school was completed on time, and on budget. Thank you to all who contributed to the vision, planning, construction and transition into this amazing new facility that will serve our District for decades to come.

Westside Community Schools has begun seeking Request for Qualifications (RFQ) proposals from design firms for the extensive remodel with additions planned for Prairie Lane Elementary. These designs and plans will include security upgrades and new places of refuge. Construction on the estimated $10.8 million project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019.

Crews have started interior drywall at Sunset Hills! They also continue to work on mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins. Final grading has also begun. We invite our entire Westside community, as well as Sunset Hills alumni and retired teachers, to attend our One Final Look event on Saturday, March 31 from 1:00-3:00pm. This open house will provide our visitors with a final look at the original school built in 1956. We will also host a ribbon cutting and open house at the new Sunset Hills later this summer before students and staff start the 2018-2019 school year.

Crews have completed asbestos removal at Swanson, and New Era Excavation has been selected as the demolition and mass grading contractor. Internal demolition has begun, and external demolition will begin within the next few weeks. Vrana Construction is scheduled to begin work on the new Swanson in April, and will be accepting project bids through February 27. Swanson students will continue learning at the Swing School through May of 2019 and move into a new school for the 2019-2020 school year.

Westside Community Schools is accepting proposals for a Construction Services Manager to oversee the Boys and Girls Club renovation to Westbrook Elementary, as well as reviewing design development documents. This project is funded by the Boys and Girls Club and continues the wonderful partnership between the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands and our District. Our organizations are currently working together to plan a groundbreaking ceremony at the site.

The roof at Westside Middle School is complete! Crews will complete final work this summer.